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Dr. Pullanna Vidyapogu
Project Fellow

Ph.D in Regional Studies (with a specialization in urban ecology) from University of Hyderabad and around 6 years of work experience in teaching and research in the fields of Urban Studies, Environmental Studies, Cultural Studies, and Gender Studies. Published articles, prepared annual and quarterly project reports, and developed methodologies. In addition, participated in national and international workshops, conferences, and played a key role in various institutional responsibilities as a student representative, coordinator and member in grievance committee in University of Hyderabad.

Urban commons from the perspectives of caste, modernity, urban policy and political economy. Research interests are comprised as ritual practices in association with the lakes, application of ethnographic methodology, watershed development, question of gender, caste, policy, politics, education, space and time, bioregionalism, peri-urban, and rural-urban continuum. Also interested in understanding urban commons from western perspective.

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  2. P.V.R.M. Reddy, B. V. Ramana Kumar, Jhansi Rani and Pullanna Vidyapogu.(2017): “A Holistic Approach in Enhancing the Livestock Production in Drought-hit Watersheds: Case Studies of Ananthapuramu and YSR Kadapa Districts of Andhra Pradesh, India”. Int.J.Curr.Microbiol.App.Sci.2021.10 (05): 661-671.
  3. P.V.R.M. Reddy, B. Janardha Reddy, B. V. Ramana Kumar, Jhansi Rani and Pullanna Vidyapogu.(2021): “Towards Equity through Dairy Activity: Peoples Participation and Effective Implementation of IWMP in Rayalaseema Districts of Andhra Pradesh”.
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  4. P.V.R.M. Reddy, B. Janardha Reddy, B. V. Ramana Kumar, Jhansi Rani and PullannaVidyapogu(2021): “Entry Point Initiatives as an Example for the Sustainable Approach in the Watershed Programme in Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh”.
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  5. P.V.R.M Reddy, B Janardha Reddy, BV Ramana Kumar, R Jhansi Rani and Pullanna Vidyapogu(2020): “Impact and Effectiveness of Watershed Development: An Economic Analysis of Rainfed Farmers”. Green Farming. Nov-Dec 2020.
  6. P.V.R.M Reddy, B Janardha Reddy, BV Ramana Kumar, R Jhansi Rani and Pullanna Vidyapogu(2020): “Thematic Study on Machine Farm Ponds with Farm Bund-Integrated Watershed Management Programme ?Ananthapuramu”. ACTA Scientific Agriculture. Dec 12, 2020.

News Paper Articles:

  1. Pullanna, Vidyapogu(2018) : Charitranu Kalarache Vistarana Vaddu? ?(No to Development which Erases History).” Andhra Jyothi. February 7, 2018, Editorial edition.http://www.andhrajyothy.com/artical?SID=532785.


  1. Lakes in Peri-urban Hyderabad (From December 2012 to Present)
  2. “State Festivals” of the new Telangana State (From June 2014 to September 2021)
  3. Markets in Peri-urban Hyderabad (In 2012 to Present)
  4. Worked as a Monitoring and Evaluation Expert at Remote Sensing Instruments (RSI), Kukatpally, Hyderabad.
  5. Research Assistant in a national project titled “Education, Work, and Early Marriages of Women in Telangana, India” by CWDS, New Delhi
  6. Project Assistantship under the Universities with Potential for Excellence (UPE) Scheme, Phase II, University of Hyderabad (From October 2016 to June 2017)
  7. Consultant in a Ford Foundation funded project “Forging New Tools and Collective Frames for Urban Housing Rights Advocacy” anchored in Hyderabad Urban Lab (From May 2014 to March 2016)
  8. Research Assistant to Nanda Kishor M S (Ph. D), University of Hyderabad (From January 2010 to July 2010)
  9. Research Assistant to Dr. C. Ramachandraiah (CESS) (From July to December 2008 and November 2015 to January 2016) - A project towards studying the potential impacts of introducing metro-rail in Hyderabad
  1. Caste, State, & Urban Ecology: How the Bathukamma festival reworked socio-environmental relations in Hyderabad's peripheries." at SEMIOTIC ANTHROPOLOGY CONFERENCE, University of Pennsylvania on Saturday, May 14, 2022.
  2. Summer School on “Water and Society” (Interdisciplinary Approach) organized by Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE) from June 15th to 27th 2015, Bengaluru.
  3. “Orientation Program on Social Science Research” organized by the Centre for Policy Research (CPR), New Delhi from 12th-14th February 2015.
  4. Two Roundtables on “Right to Housing” organized by Hyderabad Urban Lab at Centre for Economic and Social Studies, Hyderabad in May and June 2014.
  5. Course on “Research Methodology” organized by UGC - Academic Staff College (UGC-ASC), from 24th May to 13th June 2012 at University of Hyderabad.
  6. “Transforming Socio-Spatial Identities in Urban Space: Case Study of Bathukamma Festival in Shaikpet, Hyderabad” presented in the workshop on “Rural-Urban Entanglements in India” on 23rd and 24th July at University of Hyderabad, 2018.
  7. “Identity in the field: some reflections on power and ethnography” at The Young Researchers Workshop organized by the Indian Sociological Society at Tezpur University, Assam, on 27th December 2016.
  8. “Women Development through Self Help Groups (SHGs)” at the National Seminar Organized by MALD Government Arts and Science College, Gadwal, Mahaboobnagar District, Telangana, on 29th November 2013.
  1. Student Representative at Departmental Committee Meetings of the School of Social Sciences at University of Hyderabad in the Academic Year 2015-16.
  2. Coordinator for Student Activities in the Centre for Regional Studies, University of Hyderabad in 2015.
  3. Member of Grievance Committee in the Centre for Regional Studies, University of Hyderabad for the Academic Year 2014-15.
  4. Moderator for a Symposium titled "Revitalizing Marginal Spaces: An Interrogation of Developing 'Carbon-Neutral, Slum-free, World class Cities' in India" organized by the Centre for Regional Studies, University of Hyderabad in 2014.
  5. Part of the organizing team for the annual urban festival Do Din 2013, Do Din 2014, Do Din 2016, and Do Din 2017 organized by Hyderabad Urban Lab at Vidyaranya School, Hyderabad.
  6. Assisted in organizing a multi-part lecture series titled “In the Belly of the Beast” organized by Hyderabad Urban Lab at Lamakaan, Hyderabad in 2016.