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The Hyderabad Social Development Papers is a peer reviewed working papers series brought out annually by CSD, Hyderabad.  Now in its second year, HSDP presents an eclectic mix of work-in-progress at CSD by this entire range of scholars located in and affiliated to the institute. 

Hyderabad Social Development Papers Volume 1, Numbers 1-4, 2012 

  1. Coal Mining Externalities : A Study of Basundhara Coal Field in India, Sujit Kumar Mishra

  2. Student Loans in Financing Higher Education : Levels of Indebtedness among Students Borrowers in Kerala, Soumya Vinayan
  3. Does Political Representation Ensure Empowerment ? Scheduled Tribes in the Panchayats of Orissa, Pratyusna Patnaik
  4. In Search of Equality : Caste and Dalits Strategies in Contemporary India, Sambaiah Gundimeda

Hyderabad Social Development Papers, Volume 2, Numbers 1-4, 2013

  1. Geographical Indications in India : An Overview of Issues and Challenges, Soumya Vinayan
  2. For Social Equality and Political Representation : Dalit Activism in Telugu Country, 1917-30, Sambaiah Gundimeda
  3. Credit Insitutions and Fishing Households : A Study of Fishers in Coastal Andhra Pradesh, S. Surapa Raju
  4. Who is a 'Worker'?  Problematising 'Ability' in the Conceptualisation of Labour, Kalpana Kannabiran

Hyderabad Social Development Papers, Volume 3, Numbers 1-3, 2015

  1. Willingness to Pay for GI Products in India : The Case of Darjeeling Tea and Pochampally Ikat, Soumya Vinayan
  2. Status of Muslim Women in Kerala : A Study of Female Age at Marriage in Malappuram District, K. Jafar.
  3. Housing for the Urban Poor  : A  Study  of Slums in Hyderabad City,                  Ch. Shankar Rao