The Institute

The primary mission of CSD Hyderabad is to provide research scholars with a space for innovative research and writing that simultaneously addresses critical needs of pluralism, democracy, diversity and social justice in the context of development and globalization. In focusing on the social sciences and law, CSD aims to provide a context for the exploration of the intellectual histories of different disciplines and interdisciplinary areas that draws on the rich history of critical engagements, resistance, anti colonial struggles, and philosophies of justice in the global south, especially in the Indian sub-continent.

National Seminar on "Status of Health Indicators in Telangana since 2014-15"

Online Training Programme on Effects of Extreme Climate Events on Labour: Challenges and Mitigation  (PDF Brochure for link)

CSD-SRC Annual Report 2018-19

Feminist Advocacy Family Law and Violence Against Women (International Perspectives)

A Study of Muslims in the Newly Formed State of Telangana

Education and Its Discontents: Investigating Barriers to Schooling among De-notified and Nomadic Communities

India Social Development Report – 2016

Telangana Social Development Report 2017

Telangana Social Development Report 2018 (Gender, Access and Well Being)